Rope Rescue Operations

Blended Learning Course

Note: Enrolling on this page is only for the online material. Check out open enrollment offerings or contact us to learn about available practical skill sessions.

Course Description:

This class teaches the fundamentals of rope rescue at the operations level. Students will learn about rope characteristics, knots, anchors, belays, mechanical advantage systems, patient packaging techniques, and other rope rescue systems and concepts. Students will utilize these skills in low angle and high angle scenario-based evolutions. The skills learned in this class are truly the “bread and butter” of rope rescue.

The class is completed in two separate steps. First, the student completes the cognitive portion of the program online from the comfort of their own home or workplace. Upon successful completion of the online component, the student will then participate in one (low angle skills only) or two days (full program) of practical skills training.

Please note: We recommend using the most recent version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to complete this online class.

Course Length: 16-24 hours (including practical skills)

Practical Skills Training:

Practical skills sessions are invoiced separately. Students must bring their own class III rescue harness, rescue helmet, rope gloves, and safety glasses to their practical skills session.


This program is based on NFPA 1006 Standard for Technical Rescue Personnel Professional Qualifications (2021 edition) for the Rope Rescue Operations level.


Students must be at least 18 years old.


Elder Technical Rescue Services LLC will issue certificates of completion to students successfully completing the program.

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