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Exercise Planning and/or Evaluation

NFPA standards and OSHA regulations call for annual demonstrations of competency for both individuals and organizations providing rescue services. This is critical to ensure your members are still capable of safely performing their duties. In addition to a full lineup of training programs, we can also help your organization plan an exercise to meet the annual competency demonstration requirements. Our team can also serve as independent, objective evaluators for the exercise.

A professional exercise after action report and improvement plan (AAR/IP) will be produced for your organization. The AAR/IP documents your commitment to meeting the NFPA standards and OSHA regulations and guides you towards continuous improvement.

Hazard Analysis and Pre-Planning

Performing a hazard analysis of potential technical rescue incidents is essential to ensure that your organization’s training plan is preparing your members to safely respond to emergencies. We have the knowledge and experience to perform a thorough hazard analysis of your community. For certain target hazards, we can also develop written pre-plan documents that can be used during training or real-world emergencies to give your members essential information regarding the incident.

Technical Rescue Program Safety Audit

Agencies providing technical rescue services may have several NFPA and OSHA standards in which they must comply. We have in-depth knowledge of these requirements as they pertain to technical rescue programs. We can conduct a thorough safety audit of your program. A professional safety audit report will be produced for your organization with recommended improvement actions.

Training Plan Development

Training is the backbone of rescue services. It also happens to be what we are most passionate about. Our team will evaluate your current organizational training program and capability levels based on your personnel, equipment, and standard operating guidelines. We will then generate a recommended training plan for your agency to follow over the next 1 - 4 years. The end result will give your organization a set of achievable training goals that will help you comply with safety standards and improve the rescue services provided to your community.