Technical Rescue Training

Technical rescue is our passion, and we truly enjoy sharing that passion with others. Our technical rescue courses emphasize patient-focused operations, small class sizes, and critical thinking.

Confined Space Rescue Awareness
Confined Space Rescue Operations
Confined Space Rescue Refresher
Flood Rescue Skills Development – Coming soon!
Heavy Vehicle Rescue Incidents
Ice Safety – Basic Survival and Rescue
Machinery Rescue Awareness
Machinery Rescue Operations – Coming soon!
Rescue Company Management (Online)
Ropes and Knots Refresher
Rope Rescue Awareness
Rope Rescue Operations – Low Angle
Rope Rescue Operations – Low Angle (Blended Learning)
Rope Rescue Operations – High Angle
Rope Rescue Refresher
Structural Collapse Rescue Awareness
Technical Rescue Awareness for EMS Leaders
Tower Rescue Awareness
Tower Rescue Operations
Tower Rescue Refresher
Trench Rescue Awareness
Vehicle Rescue Refresher
Vehicle Rescue Skills Development
Water Rescue for the First Responder
Water Rescue Refresher

Emergency Medical Care Training

We are firm believers that rescue operations should be patient focused. Rescuers must be able to perform a patient assessment and provide emergency medical care during the rescue process.

Advanced First Aid
BLS for Healthcare Provider (Blended Learning)
Developing Resiliency: On the Job and Off
Emergency Medical Response
Emergency Medical Response Refresher
Emergency Medical Technician Refresher
Medical Aspects of Technical Rescue
Paramedic Refresher

Hazardous Materials Operations Training

Hazardous materials operations level training is required for all first responders and is especially important for those responding to technical rescue incidents.  Rescuers must be able to recognize and identify hazardous materials and take appropriate defensive actions.

HazMat Operations: Annual Refresher
HazMat Operations: Core Competencies

Open Enrollment

We regularly hold open enrollment classes that students from any emergency services organization can take. Please check our open enrollment schedule to see if there are any classes you may be interested in attending.

Private Training Sessions

Our private and semi-private rope rescue training options provide motivated rescuers in the Greater Philadelphia area with additional opportunities to refresh and develop their skills under the guidance of a qualified instructor. Click here for more information.

Annual Rescue Training Plans

We offer Annual Rescue Training Plans for emergency services agencies that need an organized training program to develop or maintain their technical rescue capabilities. Click here for more information.

Transcript / Certificate Request

If you have lost a certificate of training from a previous class or need a complete course transcript, please submit the Transcript / Certificate Request Form. We will email your requested documents, typically within 48 hours.