Elder Technical Rescue Services, LLC recognizes that EMS agencies and providers have many certification and continuing education requirements, and that it is not always possible or practical to attend the dozens of rescue classes that are available out there.  We are proud to offer two programs specifically focused on increasing the safety and efficiency of EMS providers at technical rescue incidents, while ensuring they have plenty of time to meet all of their other certification requirements.

Technical Rescue Awareness for EMS Leaders

PA DOH EMS Con-Ed: 3.5 other hours

Are your EMS providers trained to recognize the hazards associated with technical rescue incidents?  This course will introduce EMS providers to national standards and regulations pertaining to technical rescue awareness level response and explain some of the specific hazards that will be encountered on the scene of these challenging incidents.  This course is not a complete awareness level program for each type of incident, but instead serves as a solid overview of the major hazards EMS providers will encounter at these incidents.

Topics Discussed:

National Standards for Technical Rescue

Rescue Scene Management

Atmospheric Hazards & Monitoring

Hazardous Energy and Lockout/Tagout

Falls from Height

Collapse Hazards

and more!

Medical Aspects of Technical Rescue

PA DOH EMS Con-Ed: 3.0 clinical hours

Technical rescuers must have a strong understanding not only of medical considerations that affect their ability to perform but must also understand the patient care that needs to be delivered in the field in order to perform a successful rescue operation. Appropriate treatment started during a technical rescue will minimize pain and suffering and possibly save the individual’s life. This class will start with a review of medical considerations pertaining to the rescuer and conclude with considerations for patient care in the technical rescue environment.

Topics Discussed:

Environmental Considerations

Respiratory Hazards

Crush Syndrome

Field Amputation


Patient Packaging Considerations

and more!

Contact us to schedule!  In addition to these two programs, we offer a comprehensive lineup of other awareness and operations level rescue classes that are all approved for PA DOH EMS continuing education hours!