Rope Rescue Operations – Blended Learning

Online Component Cost: $125 (Individual)

Practical Skills Session Cost: $350 per day (Individual)

Groups: Contact us for group pricing

Course Description:

This class teaches the fundamentals of rope rescue at the operations level. Students will learn about rope characteristics, hardware used in rigging, knots, anchors, belays, mechanical advantage systems, patient packaging techniques, and other rope rescue systems and concepts. Students will utilize these skills in low angle and high angle scenario-based evolutions. The skills learned in this class are truly the “bread and butter” of rope rescue.

The class is completed in two separate steps.  First, the student completes the cognitive portion of the program online from the comfort of their own home or workplace.  Upon successful completion of the online component, the student will then participate in one or two days of practical skills training.  Depending on the number of practical skills sessions, the student will earn one or both of the following certificates:

  • Rope Rescue Ops – Low Angle (16 hours) – for 1 day of skills
  • Rope Rescue Ops – High Angle (8 hours) – for 2 days of skills

PA DOH EMS Con-Ed: Dependent on number of skills sessions completed

Additional Information:

This course is self-paced and can begin at any time.

This online class uses the Google Classroom learning management system.  In order to participate in this online class, you will need to create a free Google account.  You may use your current email address to do this.  We will provide enrollment instructions upon receipt of your online registration form.

Elder Technical Rescue Services, LLC is located in Delaware County, PA and reserves the right to add an additional fee for travel expenses depending on the location where the practical skills session(s) are conducted.  Students and/or host agencies will also be responsible for all fees associated with facility usage for the practical skills sessions (if applicable).


Please use the form below to sign up and pay for an individual enrollment. Contact us for group pricing or for information on bundling our Rope Rescue Operations and Confined Space Rescue Operations programs together.

Rope Rescue Operations – Blended Learning