Safety Officers at Technical Rescue Incidents (Open Enrollment)

September 8, 2021 online via Zoom

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National standards call for the appointment of a knowledgeable safety officer at all technical rescue incidents. In some agencies, a safety officer is not appointed at all. In others, a safety officer is appointed but the individual is ill-prepared due to a lack of operational knowledge related to the rescue or a lack of training specific to the safety officer position.

This presentation will discuss the different roles and responsibilities of a safety officer at technical rescue incidents. Students will be able to describe the responsibilities of the Incident Safety Officer and Assistant Safety Officer. They will also be better prepared to perform risk management, conduct a safety analysis, and deliver a safety briefing at a technical rescue incident.

Class Details:

Class will run from 7:00pm - 9:00pm online via Zoom. When you register for the class through Event Brite, you will receive a confirmation email that includes the link to login into the class.

Certificates of Continuing Education will be issued to all participants.

Price: $15

Target Audience:

Technical rescue professionals who may assume a supervisory role at technical rescue incidents, including the roles of Incident Safety Officer or Assistant Safety Officer.

PA DOH EMS Con-Ed: 1.5 other hours

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