Machinery Rescue Awareness and Operations

Learn operations level machinery rescue techniques based on NFPA 1006.


Machinery accidents injure 18,000 and kill 800 workers every year in the United States. These injuries include amputations, lacerations, crushing injuries, and abrasions. In some cases, patients will still be entrapped in machinery when first responders arrive on-scene. These programs will introduce first responders to machinery rescue at the awareness and operations levels, focusing on small machines and simple disassembly techniques.

Hands-on evolutions in the operations level program will include control of hazardous energy (lockout/tagout), gaining access, disentanglement, and extrication of entrapped limbs from simulated pieces of small machinery.

Note: Machinery Rescue Awareness and Machinery Rescue Operations can be offered as two separate classes.

Course Length: 3 hours (Awareness), 3 hours (Operations)


Electronic certificates of continuing education will be generated for all students who participate in and successfully complete course requirements.

PA DOH EMS Con-Ed: 2.5 hours (1.00 clinical) for Awareness; 2.5 hours for Operations

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