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Full access to online training and other benefits for your members!

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We are excited to now offer an Agency Subscription for organizations interested in providing access to free online training classes for their members throughout the year.

Your Agency Subscription includes the following:

  • Unlimited free student enrollments in all self-paced online classes
  • Free registration in any open enrollment Zoom classes held during subscription period
  • Free access to our Technical Rescue Service Self-Assessment Tool
  • Free hosting of any custom online training you want to record for your membership
  • 15% off student registration for any in-person open enrollment classes held during subscription period
  • 15% discount for other in-person training programs requested for your agency

Have questions? Check out the FAQs below and contact us if you're still unsure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Upon enrolling your organization with the yearly or monthly billing option, you will receive a special discount code that your members can use when signing up for classes on our website. The discount code will enable them to enroll in any online self-paced or live Zoom session for free. It will also take 15% off any in-person open enrollment class they wish to register for during the subscription period!
How long will my members have access to the courses?
Your members will have the ability to register for any self-paced online classes as long as your subscription is active. Once the subscription is over, your members will retain access to any class they have already registered for! In the case of open enrollment registrations, the discount code will only work for classes that are scheduled within the active dates of your subscription.
What kind of custom course hosting can you provide?
Essentially, anything relevant for your agency! For example, maybe you want to record an orientation presentation for new members, or rollout a new policy or standard operating guideline with a quick presentation. We can take your recording and turn it into a custom online class, complete with graded quizzes and certificates of completion if requested.
How much does it cost?
The monthly subscription price is $250/month, and will recur on the same day you started each month. You may cancel at anytime. Our annual subscription is the best bang for your buck. For only $2,500/year, a savings of $500 compared to the monthly plan, your organization can utilize your subscription for 12 months.
Do the students receive certificates?
Yes! After completing each class, the student is automatically issued a Certificate of Completion that they can download and/or print to submit to their supervisor.
What if we want to do other in-station classes with you?
We would be more than happy to come out and teach other in-person classes and practical skills sessions for your organization! We will apply a 15% agency subscriber discount to any other in-station classes we teach for you during your subscription period.
How soon after I enroll will my members have access?
After enrolling with the yearly or monthly billing option, you will complete an online intake form. We will then contact you within 24 hours with your organization's unique discount code that will begin working right away!
Does the subscription include Blended Learning classes?
Your members will be able to enroll in the online components of our Rope, Confined Space, and Tower Rescue blended learning programs. Practical skills sessions are not included in the subscription fee, but they can be scheduled for your members with the 15% agency subscriber discount.

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