Elder Technical Rescue Services, LLC is proud to now offer live online seminars that can be delivered to your organization’s members from the comfort and safety of their own homes.  This new service enables your company to offer regularly scheduled training sessions to its members, while following social distancing guidelines during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Students that participate in the live class will be able to interact with each other and ask the instructor questions via a live chat room.

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Available Seminars:

  • Confined Space Rescue Awareness
  • HazMat: Air Monitoring Review
  • HazMat: ICS and Response Review
  • HazMat: PPE and Decon Review
  • HazMat: Recognize and Identify
  • Ice Safety – Basic Survival and Rescue
  • Machinery Rescue Awareness
  • Rope Rescue Awareness
  • Structural Collapse Rescue Awareness
  • Technical Rescue Awareness for EMS
  • Tower Rescue Awareness
  • Trench Rescue Awareness
  • Water Rescue for the First Responder

Clinical EMS continuing education courses are also available.  When filling out the request form, please specify topic(s) and how many con-ed hours are needed (i.e., Respiratory Emergencies, 2 hours).


Sessions are approximately 2-3 hours each.  Price per session is $150 for up to 30 students in the live online session.

Companies will be invoiced once the date and time of the sessions are confirmed.  Online payments are preferred, but checks will also be accepted if absolutely necessary.

Certificates and Con-Ed:

Certificates of Training will be generated for all students who participate in the live session and complete course requirements.  Electronic certificates will be emailed to your training officer within 24 hours of the seminar ending.

EMS providers desiring PA DOH EMS Con-Ed credits will be required to complete a quiz and course evaluation at the completion of the seminar.  Instructions and a link will be provided in the class.

Extended Access to Seminar:

Companies hosting a private online seminar for their members will retain access to the presentation for seven days.  This will enable their members who were not available for the live offering to participate at a later date.  Companies may choose to offer internal training credit to their members this way, but these students will not be eligible to receive a certificate of attendance or EMS con-ed from Elder Technical Rescue Services, LLC.

Schedule a Seminar:

To schedule a live online seminar for your agency, please complete the request form.  We will contact you to confirm the topic, date and time, and estimated class size.  Once confirmed, we will email you with the seminar login instructions that can be forwarded to your members.  Your members will then simply need to login using the link in the email at the agreed upon date and time to participate in the class!