Flood Rescue Skills Development (12 hours)

Pre-Requisites: Age 18 and up, ability to swim 50 yards and tread water for 5 minutes

PA DOH EMS Con-Ed: 10.0 hrs (2.0 clinical)

Maximum Students: 16

Approximately 200 individuals lose their lives in flash flooding incidents every year in the United States, which makes flash flooding the leading weather-related cause of death in the country. This class is designed for first responders that work in communities prone to flash flooding events but are not part of a specialized water rescue team. Topics include scene size-up, personal protective equipment, search tactics, rope techniques, medical considerations, and non-entry rescue of civilians trapped in flood water. Students will also be trained in water survival techniques and will be required to show a baseline level of competency in the water during a hands-on pool training session.

Note: This is not a PA Fish and Boat Commission program. Students desiring to be certified by that agency should take Water Rescue for the First Responder (3 hours) and/or Water Rescue and Emergency Response (17 hours).


Why did you develop this class?

We have received many inquiries regarding water rescue training from first responders that can’t satisfy the time and/or logistical requirements of the PA Fish and Boat Commission’s Water Rescue and Emergency Response (17 hours) program.  We wanted to develop a program that was flexible to meet the needs of our customers without sacrificing quality.

What we came up with was our 12 hour Flood Rescue Skills Development program.  The class is based on the job performance requirements found in NFPA 1006 (2017 edition) related to Surface Water Rescue, Swiftwater Rescue, and Floodwater Rescue.  The focus of the class is on responding to water rescue incidents during flood emergencies, which has the potential to inflict harm on any community.

Who is this class designed for?

All first responders will benefit from receiving this training.  EMS providers, firefighters, and police officers are all expected to respond to water rescues during flooding events, so they must all be adequately prepared.  Once you have taken this program, you can take our Water Rescue Refresher (3 hours) class on an annual basis to maintain your knowledge and skills.

Will I receive a PA Fish and Boat Commission certificate?

No, you will receive a certificate of training from Elder Technical Rescue Services, LLC indicating completion of training that is based on NFPA 1006 (2017 edition).  If you need to receive the PA Fish and Boat Commission certification, we recommend you take Water Rescue for the First Responder (3 hours) and/or Water Rescue and Emergency Response (17 hours).

Why is the maximum class size only 16 students?

One of our guiding philosophies at Elder Technical Rescue Services, LLC is that hands-on classes should always have small class sizes.  We do not want any of our students to spend a majority of their class time standing around waiting or hiding out in the back because they are shy.  We want our students to leave our classes competent and confident to handle real-world rescues.

How do I set up the class for my agency?

Simple, contact us today and we can discuss the details via email or phone!