June is Trench Safety Month, and June 14-18 is Trench Safety Stand Down Week. To recognize next week's safety stand down, we will be launching our new online Trench Rescue Awareness program on June 14. The class is currently open for enrollment but the course content won't drop until the 14th.

Additionally (and for a limited time), if you enroll in any one of our current online or blended learning programs, you will be given the opportunity to enroll in the new Trench Rescue Awareness program for FREE! It is basically a buy one, get one free offer. This offer is also good if you would like to set up a group enrollment in any of our programs. Contact me if you would like to set up a group enrollment.

We also offer in-person trench rescue training options, including Trench Rescue Operations (16 hours) and Trench Rescue Refresher (8 hours). Let me know if you're organization needs this level of training.

Stay safe,

Bill Elder
Elder Technical Rescue Services, LLC