Privately owned training providers in the emergency services field aren’t totally new, but we still get asked a lot of questions about our business and classes.  Hopefully these FAQs will help you understand who we are.  If you need to know more, please contact us with your questions.

How are your courses different than the fire academy/training center?

Our courses are based on the most recent edition of the applicable NFPA standards and PA DOH EMS Protocols, and are constantly being updated to offer the most current technical rescue information and techniques. We emphasize small class sizes and maximizing hands-on training time for students at the operations level. Maintaining a small instructor cadre that know and work together on a regular basis ensures consistent, high quality instruction. Lastly, we only provide courses within a focused area, so we can fully commit to delivering the highest quality rescue training possible.

How do I know your training is any good and/or recognized?

Ultimately, it is up to your emergency services agency to choose what training providers they will accept and/or recognize training from. We have trained first responders from all across Southeastern Pennsylvania, as well as from the states of Delaware, New York, and Connecticut. We keep a list of agencies from which we have trained students on our web site.

A lot of our business has come through word of mouth and recommendations.  We credit this to not only the quality of our training, but also the huge emphasis we place on providing exceptional customer service.  We even offer a referral program to our customers who help us reach new agencies.

If your leadership has any questions about our curriculum, we are happy to speak with them directly.  Have them contact us with any questions.

Do you offer ProBoard certification?

There are only two ProBoard accredited agencies in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and they are the PA State Fire Academy (and its satellite locations) and Bucks County Community College. If you desire ProBoard certification, we can certainly provide you top notch training to prepare you for that testing process, but we cannot deliver the test ourselves.

I took a class with you in the past, but lost the certificate.  Can I request a duplicate?

Absolutely, we have the ability to email you a PDF of your certificate.  The more information you can give us the better.  Your name, class title, class location, and date or approximate date will help us locate your certificate in our training records.  Contact us with that information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I have questions about your Rescue Company Management online class.

Please visit the web page for our Rescue Company Management online class, as it contains a few frequently asked questions specific to that program.  If you still have questions after reading them, by all means contact us!