Our Story

Elder Technical Rescue Services, LLC was founded in 2017 by Bill Elder in order to offer an alternative source of continuing education courses and to fill the gaps in existing technical rescue curriculum.  Our philosophy regarding rescue training can be summarized by the following three points:

Technical rescue incidents are patient-focused operations, therefore knowledge and skills in prehospital patient care are vital to successful outcomes.

Hands-on rescue skills can only be mastered by repetition, therefore small class sizes are necessary for the development of technical rescue personnel.

Very rarely is a real-world technical rescue incident straight “out of the book,” therefore critical thinking skills must be developed in all emergency responders.

Our Instructors

All instructors are certified in accordance with NFPA 1041 Standard for Fire Service Instructor Professional Qualifications, a PA DOH EMS provider, and have technician level training and certification in the disciplines of the classes that they teach.  They all also continue to be students in the field of technical rescue, constantly learning and practicing their skills during training and at real-world incidents.  Click here to learn more about our instructor team.

Our Clients

We have had the pleasure of working with many emergency services agencies from various counties across Southeastern Pennsylvania and beyond.  Click here to learn more about the organizations we have worked with.


Elder Technical Rescue Services, LLC is an accredited Pennsylvania Department of Health EMS Continuing Education Sponsor and Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Water Rescue Training Provider.  Additionally, our Basic Life Support for the Professional Rescuer certification is accredited by the American Safety and Health Institute.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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