New Course – Advanced Rescue Techniques!

I’m happy to announce a new course has been added to our training catalog.  Advanced Rescue Techniques (16 hours) is designed to expand upon the students’ existing operations level skills with additional tactics, techniques, and procedures. The program can be customized to meet the needs of the students but will always include a review of relevant background information, standards and regulations, patient assessment and packaging, and advanced practical scenarios.

Agencies scheduling this course will select the specific disciplines and techniques they wish to focus on in the program. Techniques from the rope, confined space, tower, and water rescue disciplines can be selected. Training officers will be given a list of all the advanced skills available with reference to the current NFPA 1006 standard, and we will work with them to create a custom course of instruction.


If you are interested in setting up a custom Advanced Rescue Techniques course for your agency, let me know!  I am very excited to offer truly customizable rescue training programs based on the needs of your agency.

Bill Elder
Owner / Lead Instructor
Elder Technical Rescue Services, LLC

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