Tropical Storm Isaias Flooding

Thank you to all the first responders on-duty as Tropical Storm Isaias has been rocking the East Coast today.  Special shout out to the Southeastern PA first responders in our neck of the woods.  Take a look at the graph below from the National Weather Service Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service.


The graph shows that the minor flood stage for the Chester Creek near Chester, PA starts at 8 feet, and the height today reached into the major flood stage range at 17.1 feet.  It also shows how quickly the water is going to recede over the next 24 hours.  Remember, as the water recedes, the threat of differential pressures developing increases.

Differential pressure is caused by two bodies of water equalizing (i.e., flood water entering a storm drain).  This differential pressure can develop thousands of pounds of force and pull first responders under water.  Read more about this topic in one our earlier blog posts – Lessons Learned from a Water Rescue LODD.

We offer Flood Rescue Awareness (3 hours) and Flood Rescue Skills Development (12 hours) classes.  Contact us today to set up a class for your agency.

Stay safe!

Bill Elder
Owner / Lead Instructor
Elder Technical Rescue Services, LLC

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